Automotive Components

Polybond Specializes in manufacturing molded rubber parts, rubber to metal/plastic bonded parts for the automotive industry since 1978. Our partnership with Germany’s Vorwerk Autotec ensures that our products are designed and produced to European standards.

Our strength lies is our experience with developing rubber formulations to meet exacting demands of the automotive world our in-house tooling. Division ensures quick lead times for prototypes as well as PPAP tooling.

Polybond is certified to ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 and IATF 16949 standards.

Truck and Bus Components

When it comes to rubber components for the truck and bus industry, ‘Polybond’ is a trusted name.

Our product range includes molded rubber parts, rubber to metal/plastic bonded parts, silicone hose, as well as extruded hose.

We offer engine mounts bump stop, radiator mounts, and a wide range of radiator hoses and silicone hoses for turbo charge, air and coolant handling applications.

Polybond is certified to ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 and IATF 16949 standards.

Industrial Applications

Our variety of standard catalogue products cater to many industrial applications. Our application engineers can help you select the right product from our range. We offer on-site vibration measurement, analysis and installation services.

Construction Equipment Components

Polybond’s products for construction equipment have a proven track record for critical applications like drum mounts, cabin mounts, engine mounts, radiator mounts, scraper assembly mount, platform mount, istrumount, as well as silicone hoses.

Not only do we have an enviable market share with Indian equipment manufacturers, our products are now associated with the best brands in Europe.

Engine and Generator Components

Polybond is the undisputed leader when it comes to rubber parts for engines is India, and is fast emerging as the preferred source for such components world-wide.

Our range of products for mobile or stationary engines include molded gaskets, engine mounts, silicone hose as well as extruded rubber hose.

For generating sets, we specialize in our range of anti-vibration mounts, including the patented ‘PGS’ range of products for un-matched results in vibration isolation.

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Polybond is an emerging supplier of rubber vibration isolators for railway applications. Special materials have been developed for meeting fire and smoke regulations.


Polybond makes a variety of products for Indian Defense applications and has the necessary approvals for production and supply of these products.